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WINNER: Best of Show, 2018, St. Louis Pen Show by artisan Joe Sumuquial. Joe finished the ceboplast octagonal pen with Damascus Steel cap band and a one-piece Damascus Steel clip. The clip is inset with slightly purplish opal that shimmers in reflective light. Other awards included Peoples Choice 2nd Place winner Eric Sands and 3rd Place winner Ray Robinson. The Judges Award also honored Joe Sumuquial with a first place prize.

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Broadwell winning pen 2017

WINNER: Best of Show, 2017, by artisan David Broadwell. He calls it "Dragonfly" and it's a fountain pen. The body of the pen is antique celluloid, and all the trim is titanium. The dragonfly is carved from the barrel band, and a dragonfly's wing on the clip. The Dragonfly won the judges' award at the first PAG contest at the San Francisco Pen Show. The People's Choice Award went to Jonathan Brooks as well as the Judge's Honorable Mention. Second Place was awarded to Eric Sands, while Jose Sumuquial earned Third Place.

Images from the 2017 San Francisco Pen Show and awards presentation.

David Ken Joel SL 5
David and Nicky Award2017 5
Jason Troy Thomas sl 5

David Broadwell, Ken Crooker, Joel Hamilton

David Broadwell, winner of Judge's Award, with Nicky Passaroff of Pen World.

Thomas Walter, Troy Breeding, Jason Olson

judg joel nicky Rick sf1 5
sf winners Jose Eric Jonathan3sf 5
Seth Broadwell at PAG 5

PAG Awards Judges Joel Hamilton, Nicky Passaroff and Rick Propous

Jo Sumuquial, Eric Sands, Jonathan Brooks, PAG Awards Winners in San Francisco

Seth Broadwell at the PAG exhibit table during the San Francisco Pen Show

sf 1st pag meeting 5

First PAG meeting: Jonathan Brooks, Eric Sands, Joe Sumuquial, David Broadwell and Troy Breeding

pen entries SL 1 5
pen entries sl 2 5
pen entries sl 3 5

Custom pen contest entries at the St. Louis Pen Show, 2018

Duncan Suss pen 5
Jason Olson pen 5
Unknown-5 5

Duncan Suss

Jason Olson

Richard Greenwald

Unknown-6 5
Unknown-7 5
Unknown-8 5

Troy Breeding

Unknown-11 5
Unknown-12 5
Unknown-13 5

Eric Sands

Ray Robertson

Gabe Castro

jay breda
Thomas Jason David 5
Jason Troy Thomas sl 5

Jay Breda

David Broadwell [seated], Thomas Walter, Jason Olson

Thomas Walter, Troy Breeding, Jason Olson