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Tutorials are for members only to demonstrate their works to other PAG members. Members may post images, videos, text and any other acceptable formats to demonstrate their processes and share that information with other members.

Visitors are welcome to apply for membership to PAG. The requirements are listed below.  Visitors are also encouraged to read the PAG Mission Statement and Bylaws under the menu item ABOUT US. Thank you for your interest.

Qualifications to join PAG: Pen makers first apply for associate membership at the rate of $50 per year. Associates may apply for full membership status at the end of their first year and must apply by the end of the second year (with a one year extension of necessary). The full membership applicant must submit at least one PAG qualified pen to a panel of full members for judgement. Once accepted the new full member will be given his new status beginning Jan 1 of following year ($100 yearly fee)  He may then have his pens and links published on the PAG website and use PAG logo in advertising his PAG qualified pens.

A PAG qualified pen is as follows (excerpt from bylaws):


A PAG qualified pen consists of entirely hand made components made using manual machine tools. The only exceptions being the nib and the filler system. If a PAG member chooses to use other pre-manufactured parts the following rules apply:

  1. The existence of pre-manufactured parts must be cited in all media.
  2. No PAG logo or mention of PAG membership is to be used on any media where these non PAG qualified pens are advertised.
  3. Images of non PAG qualified pens on a member’s website, social media or in print must not have any mention of PAG or use the PAG logo. PAG logo may be used on a separate website page with images of PAG qualified pens.
  4. Member’s displays at trade shows or other venues must have a clear delineation between PAG qualified pens and pens with pre-manufactured parts. Both visual and physical delineation if the PAG logo is present on their table.

Collaborations: A member collaborating with another artisan is acceptable as long as the contribution follows PAG guidelines and is properly cited. Collaborations can include but are not limited to engraving, scrimshaw, lacquer work, hand painting and other art forms.


Full and Associate members are expected to:

1.  Follow Article IX in their pen making.

2.  Exemplify the core values of the guild in all behaviors and activities.

3.  Use their experience and talents to further the good of the guild.

4.  Conduct all pen making affairs ethically, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to others.

5.  Be fair in all dealings with others and treat them with respect.

6.  Promote recognition and respect for the guild and it's members.

7.  Offer their talents to provide opportunities for other members.

8.  Honor the trust that PAG and fellow members provide and never bring disfavor to the group.

9.  Not seek a privilege or advantage not normally accorded to others in guild relationships.